Commercial Grounds Maintenance

The state of your commercial grounds speaks to your customers, employees, and the community about your brand. This image goes far beyond mowing patterns, shrub pruning, and weed detail. While these are the basics that create a beautiful image, there is much communication, planning, and follow-through that takes place in order to execute the perfect strategic plan for each site.

APHIX starts by learning your culture, especially the image you desire to convey to your customers, employees, and community. Once we understand the goals and expectations for your landscape, APHIX creates the ideal strategic plan for your budget - one that not only preserves the quality of your current grounds, but also looks to the future to help you manage your property and maximize the return on your investment.

Let us help you enhance the aesthetic value of your brand!

Interested in learning what the APHIX culture can do for you?

Services Offered

  • Complete Mowing Services
  • Landscape Services
  • Turf Applications (weed control and fertilizer)
  • Large Acreage Mowing (tractor and batwing)
  • Floral Displays
  • Irrigation Services
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • And more!