Allen Sweeney

President & CEO

As the company’s founder, Allen has been instrumental in developing and incorporating the mission, vision, and values of APHIX.  Today Allen focuses his time and energy on the development of the team, strategic planning, and financial management as they directly impact the success of the mission of APHIX.  Allen is involved in various associations and has served on several community boards.  This experience has allowed APHIX to have a greater impact in the community, as well as allowed for innovative ideas to be implemented into APHIX as they are in other industries.

Allen is passionate about building a brand that makes a difference in the lives of the employees, clients, and community.  To date, Allen’s career has been devoted to building APHIX and investing in commercial real estate.  Allen and his wife Lauren are active in their church community and enjoy spending time with their kids (Ella-7, Asher-4).

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