What began in 2004 as a young boy with a mower and a passion has evolved into a small business that employs and supports approximately 170 employees, providing services to customers all across Central and Eastern KY.  It is evident that this is only possible due to great team members and great customers that believe in the work of that team. 

It’s important that the company represents the brand, culture and mission leading the services performed, therefore, as of March 1, 2020, Al’s Complete Lawn Care will be changing its name to APHIX.  At first glance this may seem like an odd choice for a grounds maintenance company.  However, each letter represents one of the company’s values and tells the story about the company’s culture and brand. 

  • A - Accountability: For every service seen or unseen
  • P - Professionalism: With every interaction
  • H - Honesty: Always
  • I - Integrity: Without compromise
  • X - Excellence: Delivered

Along with the new name APHIX, the tag line “Grounds Maintenance, Rooted in Culture” will be incorporated into all marketing and advertising. 

It is the desire of the leadership team that the new name represents the brand, value, and culture of every interaction.  Al’s is no longer a young boy with a truck, a mower, and dream, but a team of professional colleagues with a passion to better the lives of the employees, clients and community; it just happens that it’s delivered through grounds maintenance services.